[Vwdiesel] hillbilly TUNING. ---- ( the Valve train )

slatersfb at aol.com slatersfb at aol.com
Tue Apr 12 10:46:15 EDT 2005

Actually quite noticable change in location of power band can be obtained by advance or retard of cam. Advance cam for more low end torque; retard cam for more torque at high RPM. Closing of intake valve is the influencing factor. One tooth on cam sprocket is too much & may cause piston-valve contact. After locking sprocket onto cam taper, turn engine by hand to insure no interference between valve & piston. I do all highway driving so 1/2 tooth retard gives better power at high speed. Be real careful, double check for interference before starting engine.
  Not that there may not be some merrit in miniscule advance 
> > or retarding 
> > of the valve timing but how much, which direction, is it 
> > worth the risk of 
> > bending valves... are all valid questions.  I've leaned 
> > toward the last one.  
> > ;-)

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