[Vwdiesel] '82 Vanagon westy and engine cutting issue

Bryant Baecht bbaecht at sunflower.com
Tue Apr 12 16:16:37 EDT 2005

Hi all,
     As a lot of you remember, I posted that my westy was having some sort
of cutout issue ( engine would randomly lose power, falling back to idle and
sometimes dying completely ) and I had changed the fuel filter which didn't
fix the problem as it appeared to be a fuel starvation issue to me.  Well,
tested a lot of things and what appears to have been my problem is a faulty
fuel cutoff soelenoid.  I came to this conclusion after ruling out just
about everything else.  I did all of the following and still had the

1) ran out of a can of diesel in the rear of the bus to rule out fuel
tank/line problems.
2) ran the fuel cutoff soelenoid direct from the battery to rule out relay

     I changed out the fuel soelenoid with one from my diesel rabbit and I
have not had the problem since.  It was misbehaving less than a block out of
my drive and now I've got ~ 40-50 miles on it w/o issue.  Hoping to finally
put this issue to bed.  Thanks to everyone for all the help and look forward
to more troubleshooting with the group!  You guys have been the best!
Totally makes my VW diesel experience soooo much more fun with such a great
enthusiast group out in cyberspace.


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