[Vwdiesel] ECO and other questions

Gary Shea shea at gtsdesign.com
Wed Apr 13 13:13:53 EDT 2005

ECO is abbreviation for eco-diesel, the name given by VW to the 1.6 TD
with the fueling cranked down to burn as cleanly as possible.  I think
what Hagar is doing is the eco-diesel approach.

The TDIs are 1.9's and up.  All the 1.6D's have swirl chambers AFAIK.


p.s. I had to jump in on this thread to get a chance to say thanks for
the generator links, interesting stuff.

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 12:29 -0400, Area31 Research Facility wrote:
> All,
> In replies to my statement that I am buying a '91 Jetta with a 1.6 with a turbo on it some have replied with the acronym ECO to describe this engine. I dunno for what this means.  Can someone please  'splain?
> Also, am I correct thinking this engine is also referred to as TDI meaning Turbo Direct Injection, meaning no pre-ignition chambers????  I've heard that Direct Injection is not so good for alternate fuels. Comments?
> I've also been reading that direct injection uses higher injector pressures to help atomise the fuel than the pre-chamber/swirl chamber systems.  Is this true of the VW 1.6 turbo (TDI?).
> Is there a 1.6 VW turbocharged diesel that employs the normal pre-chambers from the factory or is this just an animal created by backyard mechanics?
> Thanx for educating a VW diesel newbie. ;)
> Rob
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