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I followed thgis with great interest since I'm in the process of buying a
1991 Jetta with 1.6 TD.  Mine has a hose from the turbocharger unit to the
FI pump.  I assume this is for the fuel enrichment system?

My big question to you is.  What means LDA????  How do you turn it on and


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" Bunny Bondo "  is a cutie VW  -- Metallic light Blue  4 door   1.6L Turbo
(Garrett)  1984  Mag wheels
 No she did not start out as a ECO .    BUT for the last two years  ----
ECO every mile ---or should I say every
happy mile ?.

I did NOT know about ECO's   when I started to Hillbilly Tune   her.
After about a year
of super performance     ---- I found out that VW did  the same as Hagar.
With a bit
of  variance.

She goes 900 miles on a feed. (  42 Litres ).

Possible mostly with help from this group.    -----    The way I remember
the ECO explanation is like this
ECO does not stand for economy  ---   has to do with pollution.
"Ecological" ?.

VW was faced with loosing its foothold  in USA   so they took the  LDA off
the turbo 1.6  and
added a cat.    Like I have been saying for some time  ---the VW 1.6
thrives on lots of
manifold pressure.   ----   lots of vortex  and swirling  gives a good burn.
And opening that intake
valve at 5 psi overpressure is different --- than opening it at a slight

Furthermore  the way I understand superchargers they heat the ingoing air.
for a better ignition.

I did NOT remove the LDA  ---- I just made it avaiable on command .
Here in BC Canada  we have a few little hills where the LDA comes in real

So Hagars cutie can change her image  from frugal to a REAL TIGER:   at the
flick of a switch.

When I got snared by her she was a wild one ---I guess about a 100 HP and
clouds of smoke.

After a lot of TLC   ----wow she became a real pussycat.   type Bunny. No
smoke NO slipping the
clutch  (a la James Hansen)  ----but driveable -----very driveable.    Just
love that thing.
She drives like a sportscar ---50 psi front tires ---- NO power steering

When I got her the Turbo hardly moved ----   but a year later running her
extra LEAN ?
the thing cleaned itself  ----and she sure howls now  ---so now I will NOT
have to clean
it.   -------------  a Turbo working 20 years ?   ---thats is no
chickenfeed.    KIlometers on
clock ?   getting close to 300 000.

When Ferguson came in here --one of the first things he mentioned  was how
turbines are to gook on the blades.  --- This proves that point.


PS :    Google   ECO  VW.
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