[Vwdiesel] ECO -- VW ----( Hagars ECO -- Bunny Bondo )

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Loren actually MB brought the last diesel in 1999. Then returned in
2004. Go to the bottom of this article.

I have longed for one but the cost is still too rich for me. 


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> VW was faced with loosing its foothold  in USA   so they took the  LDA
> the turbo 1.6  and
> added a cat.   

  It wasn't about VW it was about diesels.  MB brought the last diesel
in about '91 or '92 as well.  It was their last ditch effort to bring a
diesel in what with the restrictions that were being imposed on diesels.
VW and MB were the last and only diesel cars in the US at that time.
I've never really figured why VW bothered, as apathetic as they seem to
be about diesels anymore (in the US).  Maybe it was a different export
manager then or something.

> manifold pressure.   ----   lots of vortex  and swirling  gives a good
>  And opening that intake
> valve at 5 psi overpressure is different --- than opening it at a 
> slight underpressure.

  I know the purpose of good swirl in a gasser but what's the point in a
diesel?  All the intake swirl is more than gone when that whole cylinder
of air is stuffed into that small pre-chamber.  Any swirl happens as the
fuel-air charge exits that pre-chamber.

> Furthermore  the way I understand superchargers they heat the ingoing
> Making for a better ignition.

  It's kind of like FM  1db over threshold sounds the same as 30db over.

Once you have enough heat for complete combustion, anything over that 
is not only overkill, it results in higher EGTs and more smoke if the
is injected at the same rate as it would be for 300F cooler air (at
10psi @ ~50F ambient) due to the thinned air due to the heat expansion.
That's the reason for intercoolers (aftercoolers) to remove that excess 
heat and allow for more fueling or at least cooler running and more 
efficient combustion due to increased O2 content/cylinder fill.
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