[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 150 .------(WHAT did Hagar learn ?)

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Apr 14 13:31:29 EDT 2005

A LOT, a hell of a lot and fast.  ---- Why ? I am guessing :    My brain was damaged  in about
1938   ---- and for some reason  ---I can connect at will to my unconsious mind ,
Something normal people can not do.    Sort of an Idiot savant.

So when I analyze a problem ----all 73 years of experience --is accessible.

Yeah that is both good and BAD. ----- Dachau ---keeps popping up.

So how does a really good DIY start ?   -----one of two ways----- Radio -or  Rockets.

So all the diciplines are useful as a fanatic Rabbit diesel DIY.    Physics , Chemistry, Glasblowing,
machining , welding , woodwork, ---hell the list is a mile long.  Yes Val I did lots of
photowork too. I still have a lot of the equipment. ---- NOW? ,   I use digital.

So it was natural for me to become a groupleader ---in  "Hillbilly Tuning".

Normal wisdom has it  -- "That you can not time a diesel by ear"  ---in the case
of Rabbits 1977 to 1984 both NA and Turbo  -- that is incorrect.   Read or ask
Sandy Cameron --- could he tell a difference by ear  ?.    Not only can they be TUNED
that way  ----not by ear alone.   BUT you better do it or miss the boat.
If they have any kind of wear  ---that is the only way of getting optimum  performance
Specs and dial indicators are NO USE. -----In hillilly tuning do you need a dial indicator ?
YES.   And the more equipment you have ----great  we use every trick in the book
and then some.
I can tell I am getting through with the message  ----we are gaining converts.


PS :  Louanne always said -- you do not walk --you strut . So be it --proud as a Peacock.

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