[Vwdiesel] Help - messed in the head...

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Thu Apr 14 21:58:33 EDT 2005

Today I went to pick up the head I dropped off at JB precision last week for 
a valve grind, resurfacing, new guides, etc. First thing I noticed was they 
had *painted* the head! And it wasn't even a decent job, it looked like grey 
primer! Next, I noticed the surface wasn't very smooth - I could see arcs 
from the cutting tool sweeping across the surface every 1mm or so. In a 
few spots, it appears a piece of harder material (probably from the pre-
chamber inserts) had dragged across and left a groove in the head. 
The machine shop was closed, so I was unable to speak to the guy who 
worked on it. I left it there and said I'd call in the morning.

In addition to the two things I think they messed up on, I also noticed a 
hairline crack on one of the pre-chamber inserts about 1/4" long - should I 
worry about this?

I am going to ask if they can strip the paint off, and smooth the surface - I 
am worried it will not seal well with the lines left from the cutter. The head I 
saw at the other shop I visited was like a smooth mirror finish - that's what I 
was expecting.

Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated. ThanksShawn Wright
'85 Jetta D 
'88 Westy 2.1L, soon to be 1.6TD 5 speed
 (see progress at http://members.shaw.ca/vwdiesels)
'82 Diesel Westy

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