[Vwdiesel] ECO -- VW ----( Hagars ECO -- Bunny Bondo )

SLATERSFB at aol.com SLATERSFB at aol.com
Fri Apr 15 20:51:36 EDT 2005

Mine is not original pump - a strange part number too.
For sure no governor like you mention. And tailgaters don't stay close for 
long if I put my foot in it. Just enough smoke to be annoying.
My experience with wave tuning came from 2 stroke motors. Japanese 
motorcycles dominated road racing once they figured out how expansion chambers work. 35 
years ago TZ750 Yamahas were making 125 horses. Nothing could touch them. My 
buddy had a TZ250 which made 
65 hp - all above 10,000 rpm. Nothing at all below 8,000.
Built a few chambers in back yard garage. Real amazing results - plus 
deafening.   What?



Interesting,  My 91 Jetta is governer limited at about 83 mph.
    It'll overshoot on acceleration, but comes back to 82 or 83.
    Power down the road, and on interstate grades is absolutely
    fine.  But acceleration is below agressive-SUV-impatient-driver
    thresholds.  On 2 lane roads I get allot of impatient people.

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