[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning---- ( Hagars delight )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Apr 16 11:02:34 EDT 2005

Gerry Wolfe  --- if you need second gear on them thar hills ?  ---you are in the ballpark.

What I do is this --- if I see that I may miss the ferry ?   I stop pull out my special
set of tools . Pull to the side and 30 seconds later ---- BING she is back to snorting
ugly black smoke ---but really moving. (that is for non Turbo --Turbo ? I just use afterburner )

Hagar NEVER gets tired or impatient with  "TUNERS" -----that I promise.

Ever since a kid I believed in the POWER of ONE. --------  and nothing would make me prouder than
discovering a thousand Rabbits saving a gallon per day  ----or maybe more ?
due in part to   "Hillbilly Tuning".   If all 1984 Rabbits performed like Bondo ?   
The savings would be staggering numbers.  ----- I am a crusader ?  yes and allways was.

BUT mostly to show the down but not outs how to survive  ----when the potholes start to get

Gerry Wolfe you are getting to the point where it is time to check pump pressure. ?
on a Rabbit the timing mechanism is very important for good performance.
If it advances 10 degrees crank  --when it should have done 20 ?   ----get it
back to 20  ---and watch them thar hills and gas stations fly by.

That will be delt with in procedure.

And by the way   -- do not put the tuning on hold waiting for your  GEROLER  intirnal
cumbustion Turbine .

I am getting 78 miles on a gallon imp so to set your sight on 60 ?    ---why not.


PS : so if you lost your job ?   and the kids need shoes ? and wife needs cigarettes ?
get going --study diesels.  ----And think Rabbit 1977 to 1984.
 As usual let me warn you those Rabbits are Habbit forming. like the ring of that
Habit Rabbit. ?    ----Niemals ferknugen --JAH ? meiner herren und damen ?
Yes Hagar is a language SNOB.

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