[Vwdiesel] 1980 Rabbit running the treadmill tonight!

Area31 Research Facility stephensrw at stn.net
Sat Apr 16 23:22:37 EDT 2005

After several months and hundreds of hours I am doing a full blown test of
my new 1.5L VW NA powered genset.  It has been running all afternoon and now
is powering the house.  I made dinner on the electric stove and microwave,
tried the oven and it handles that.  Well pump, sump pump, one fridge, one
freezer, almost all the house lights are turned on, TV, tube amp in the
stereo, computer, and the lights in an outbuilding are all being operated.
The engine is running great and sounds good.

Best of all this is all happening on well filtered waste transmission fluid
and motor oil mix.  Yum. ;)  I'm running about two litres per hour average.

RPM 1800.  Coolant is 198-200 F. and oil pressure is 67 to 70 PSI.


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