[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning---- ( Hagars delight ) ( the LDA ).

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Apr 17 12:15:37 EDT 2005

Duhhh!....Wots an' LDA...????



Here is   Hagars version of  the  "LDA"    ---and    definition of "Afterburner".

official BOSCH name for the LDA ?  ---Manifold-pressure compensator (LDA)..

WHAT ?  does it do ? ---it moves the stop on the control collar    so that it cover bleedholes more
with increased manifold pressure. (proportional control).

It is a airpressure servo   hooked up to intake manifold with a small airhose. It has
a pile of adjustments possible  ---tricky --BUT NOT too tricky for us.

Hagars afterburner ? it is a flyboy joke ---I flick a toggle and it turns on LDA on demand
off  by demand. (for super savings)  ---extra virgin lean.

I started about two years ago   --- and like Val Christian NO TURBO for me -no way -no how..
PERIOD.----------------   get used to changing your ways of looking at things guys.
IT payes.  ------Val is a convert and so is Hagar.   Thanks to Scott Kair and Loren and
Mark Shepherd.-----and stick this in your Pipe  ---Hagar aint going back   at any cost.

The reliabilyty of that Garrett turbo blew my socks off.

Notice that VW removed the LDA on the ECO  (ecological)  for the reason of the 
problem with the extra fuel injected. ----LOTS and LOTS of smoke when Hagar
goes in supercharger.  Estimated HP ?   ---close to a 100.

PS : notice that I used to talk about the control sleeve ? should have been control collar.

reason :    there is a sleeve in the pump moved by the flyweigths.

Have fun in Hogswartsila.  Let us know what that Ruskie diesel is costing you.

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