[Vwdiesel] A2 power steering pump

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Sun Apr 17 18:09:07 EDT 2005

Does anyone have pics of an A2 power steering pump installed on a 1.6D or TD 
engine? I'm curious how it looks, and the belt arrangement. Does the PS belt run off 
the crank on its own?
I got the pump supposedly from a 92 Jetta, but am missing the "front bracket" 
according to bentley. It appears this bracket fits over the water pump housing and 
alternator bracket, so I assume longer bolts are needed. I think I've figured out how it 
goes on. The rear bracket (which I have) bolts to two extra ears just outside of the oil 
pan on the bottom of the block. One problem - the end most ear broke off when the 
shop was tanking the block. Is this a problem or is there enough support for the 
pump on the other bolts?
This is to go on my '86 1.6TD Jetta engine, but to be installed in my '88 Westy. It 
appears that it should fit, although I haven't checked if the pressure line from the 
pump matches the Vanagon one.

Shawn Wright
'85 Jetta D 
'88 Westy 2.1L, soon to be 1.6TD 5 speed
 (see progress at http://members.shaw.ca/vwdiesels)
'82 Diesel Westy

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