[Vwdiesel] AC Compressor removal/installation

Pam & Doug Boes db53248 at alltel.net
Sun Apr 17 19:13:11 EDT 2005

I had a problem with tearing up the bearing  in the tensioner pulley on 
my 85 Golf N/A. My daughter was complaining about a belt squeel, so 
today I looked at it and found the lock nut for one of the jacking 
screws missing and another clamp bolt loose. I replaced the nut and 
tightened the bolt but still had a wobble of the AC Compressor. I found 
a bolt missing where the compressor mounts to the bracket. I tried to 
run the alternator bolt into the hole to see if the size and threads 
were the same but it wouldn't go. Eventually, I tried just sticking a 
screw driver into the hole to check the alignment and found that it 
wouldn't go through. I looked with a mirror and found part of the 
mounting bolt still in the hole. The bolt has broken off. No wonder 
everything was vibrating!

Now, I need to get the compressor off so I can get down to the mounting 
bracket and remove it for some screw extraction fun. The bolt toward the 
front of the engine is partially obstructed by the compressor pulley. 
Can the pully be removed easily with a strap wrench and a socket?
Is there anywhere I can look at steps for easy removal of the compressor 
mounting bracket with the engine in the car?
I don't think I need to break the AC connections but the compressor 
looks like VW just kept adding locking bolts and jacking screws until 
the vibration stopped and Viola!, Factory AC!

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