[Vwdiesel] New engine

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Apr 18 11:57:41 EDT 2005

I already have more projects and junk than I'll ever use in my lifetime...

Me  Hagar too James but  several lifetimes of 73.  ------  Gerotor issue  --

did you read the text of his patents ?   ----scam ,scam and more scam.

He needs about 2 million dollars to get a motor ready for testing.    You probably have Gerotor
hydraulic motors in your stable ?.

I have the centre section here in my hand.    6 pointed star and  7 lumps on outer ring.

Nice hydraulic motor    ---BUT   Turbine ? forget it.   -----------his expertice is chemistry.

But as one who has talked face to face with two "Inventors"   of perpetual energy machines ?
I say lets see it perform.

Perpetual    "Motion" ?  yeah I will go along with that one ---according to present

HAGAR   NEVER   totally POO pooh anything ---he sayz  ---lets see IT perform.

Right now this place (hagars) reminds me of a summers morning in James Hansen land
the dust has settled,  the dew is on the canola and it is dead still -and life is great.

That means Bunny Bondo wants to stretch her legs ?---you bet your ass  --and she will.


PS : those inventors suffer from "Goldfever".

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