[Vwdiesel] Genset talk for BEGINNERS ---- (using the VW diesels)

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again ?
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The absolute worst WORST load on a Rabbit 1980 diesel engine is an Electrcal
load. ----- you may quote me.

The VW diesel is a LIGHT duty    HIGH speed diesel.  --- --at 1800 RPM ?
a proper governor will detroy that engine tut vit.

At 1800 RPM the load has to be carefully calibrated so no LUGGING takes place.

If you doubt me ?   Take you Rabbit out to a big hill and do not shift down ----just
mash the pedal to the floor.     Speed governors go wide open --the minute they sense a load.

So if you want to (insist) on murdering a fine little engine ?   ---go to it.

We had lots and lots of talks here under Gensets.?------use them.

I like that little VW marvel -----BUT it is DELICATE  ---the head will twist if you let it
and   overheating is a NO NO. -------I think it a fine choice for making a stand alone
emergency electrical supply.  ----In that role LIFE is of no importance as far as
wear is concerned.
For co-gen ?   forget it  ----economics of scale will kill you.  ---Go sling Burgers at a MacJob
and your time is better spent --money wise.

Take a close CLOSE look at your hydro-bill ----and forget about going off line. 
I challenge  ALL of you to post the highest price per Kw/ hr   then we shall see.    Here
it is about 0.07 dollars Canadian  ---and going up UP.

Letting the scumbags speculators on wall street determine my bill is NOT acceptable to me.
Was it Enron ? that screwed things up here a while ago ---sick SICK SICK.
Biggest mess we ever had.

Like Val Christian said ---there are motors  and what not very sensitive to frequency
and I will add Power Factor.  ------        Powerfactor is very important. .

Not to worry if you run resistive loads ----the well pump and freezers is the problem.

My aircompressor cost me a penalty     ---1.50 Dollars Canadian    ---too much for my
liking ----POWER FACTOR penalty. ---It took me 10 minutes to correct that
---never had a penalty since. ---that was years ago.

Lowest cost I ever heard of ?    Lorens ---- shit he is on easy street ---- on top of that he probably
seldom have interuptions.


PS :    Loren has that Grand Coulee dam in his back yard ----sure nice.

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