[Vwdiesel] ----( The Power Factor )

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Mon Apr 18 20:35:34 EDT 2005

> This bugs the hydro co. because your meter shows less watts used than you
> actually used, and they have to generate more power than they can charge you
> for to supply your load..

	I believe the meters are truely watt meters.  The issue with 
	PF, is that they loose generating capacity because of the 
	high current drawn at low voltage.

	It doesn't take more power, it just reduces the generation

> time containing PCBs) to correct the power factor. If that had not been
> legislated, the measured power used by fluorescent lights would have been a
> fraction of the actual consumption. This has now been superceeded by nifty,
> noisey, high frequency switching power supplies with unity power factor.
> [Can you hear the buzzzzz?]

	My magnetic ballasts on flourescent lights show true power on
	my watt meter (electric meter).  I've measured it.  Lots of 
	flourescent lights here.  Most of them predate the solid-state

	I didn't know that the solid-state switchers were designed to
	be unity PF, but it makes sense.


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