[Vwdiesel] Tattle tail plug in head?

Kelly McMullen kellym at aviating.com
Mon Apr 18 22:21:44 EDT 2005

Hmm. Seems like proper anti-freeze mix has BP somewhere around 255-260 with
a 10 psi radiator cap.

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>   Most of those tattle tales are a surface, glued on device and it'd be
> to the frost plug.  The center melts out sure, but there's still a freeze
> plug
> behind it.  :-)  If the head reaches 250F there's likely no coolant left
> there.

Ah... that's how it works... In that case, maybe I'll just pry it off now...
I don't plan on
ever going back to this shop, so I'd rather it wasn't there. Pics will
follow later, I'm
going ahead with it tonight... wish me luck!

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