[Vwdiesel] ----( The Power Factor )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Apr 19 14:02:43 EDT 2005

Hagar, what's the power factor of those aluminum retorts up at Kittimatt??
The arcs have inductors to sustain them?


Sandy Cameron you hit one of Hagars sore points ----  a NERVE.

Kemano  #  1. and Kemano # 2.  ------   Alcan  is getting the upper hand.  ---shit.

Loren you are getting an inside  look a the magic world of lectricity.     After all
The weak point of Rabbits is lectrical.

To make Aluminium takes a LOT og electrcal power ---I have the exact amount for
a Rabbit.
Sandy the simple answer ?  ---I do not know.  ----but I do not think it an arc process.

The way I remember ?  --it is an electrolytic process --and it tales about 10 Kw/hr   of juice
to make a pound of Aluminium.-----And where would Rabbits be without ?.

By the way I have it FIRST hand ( ok second)----it is a shitty place to work. -----Good money but shit.

Sandy I did get involved in big BIG arc furnaces ---  Ammeter clibrated in Mega-amps 3 phase.

No power factor correction that I remember.

As far as DC towns ?  --yes I lived in one.  Interesting experience   ---Rabbits will run away
but it aint nothing compared to a bakery  mixing machine loosing the field while running.

DC   notors loosing the field ?  ------they will throw the windings all over the place.    you may quote

BUT to use the magic powers of lectrcity to kill people  ? --THAT is where I
draw the line in ----the   ---the  ---sandbox ?


PS :   Stupid bastards.

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