[Vwdiesel] I shaft bearings

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 20 22:22:37 EDT 2005

Just a question. The shop changed out my I shaft bearings,  At least they
have it down on my bill. What if they didn't line up the oil holes
correctly, could that cause low oil pressure?  Or would that cause high
pressure?  I was going to pull it since I have the engine all apart anyway,
can be done in the car, just have to remove the front mount and the back
passenger mount and drop the engine down. I figure I can pull the oil filter
housing and look in at the rear bearing that way to check.  I do know that
the bushings around the oil pump shaft are in correctly. The machine shop
told me my head will be done tomorrow. I'm interested to see what kind of
surface it will have on it.  It needed all new guides and valves, so new
lifters went in as well as seals. If all that was worn out would it be
possible to allow low pressure as well since the oil was able to flow easily
through out the head with little resistance and all the blow by coming
around the valves?


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