[Vwdiesel] Is it weird oil pressure?

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Fri Apr 22 00:25:42 EDT 2005

Well... that wasn't the original thread, but yes, that's what my post referred to. If you 
want to catch up, the archives are here:


Tell us about your problem...

On 22 Apr 2005 at 0:19, chris granju <carstuff at fiataccompli.com> wrote:

> Can I do a list faux pas & ask what the original question/comment was on
> this thread?   I just joined the list & it sounds like y'all are talking
> about an oil pressure (light/buzzer in my case) problem I noticed in my new (to
> me) '91 td jetta.  I'm way on the left of the learning curve with the car.
> -chris granju ('91 vw jetta, '81 mb 300TD, '93 Range Rover, too may FIATs to
> list)
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> Yes, you are correct, 1.4bar at flange, 0.25 bar at head in the case of my
> '86 TD. In my TD before I tore it apart, I would have the buzzer go off
> after a long climb if I let revs drop near 2000. At this point the
> mechanical gauge was showing about 17-18 psi at the head. Buzzer goes off at
> 1.4bar (20.6 psi), so this suggests that head pressure is not that much lower
> than at flange, assuming switch and gauge are accurate. I always planned to move
> the gauge to the flange, just to see the difference, but never got around to it.

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