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Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Fri Apr 22 01:35:13 EDT 2005

On 22 Apr 2005 at 1:23, LBaird119 at aol.com <LBaird119 at aol.com> wrote:

> > >Could you plug the oil supply to the turbo?
> > >Maybe with the inlet to the manifold off you could stuff a
> > >rag into the from the filter side..Or maybe put a sheet of
> > >plastic over the air inlet to the filter..What I am looking
> > >for is a stalling of the turbo for the duration of a
> > >test....
> > 
>   You'd have to physically stop the turbo from spinning. Blocking the intake
> would only make a vacuum.  The impeller will still spin in a vacuum.  Spin it at
> any turbo type speeds without the oil line connected and it won't last long at
> all. 

Among the many stupid things I've done was to plug the oil supply line on my turbo 
(when I had the head off about 5 years ago), then forget to remove the plug 
afterward. I drove the car about 1/2 mile, after warming it up, and goosed it pretty 
good once - this was the only time I can recall hearing the blow off valve opening - 
scared the crap out of me! The turbo didn't sound right, and shortly after I got that 
sickening feeling as I recalled the rubber plug in the end of the line... I limped it back 
home and checked - sure enough, the turbo was getting *no* oil - the plug was the 
kind use to plug new wheel cylinders, and was a tight fit. The turbo was fine for 
another 2-3 years, and still seems tight. Guess I was lucky that time!

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