[Vwdiesel] Genset talks for beginners ---- ( the COST of Power )

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I just want to clarify ---  that I never left the main switch off for any lenght of time
, for the simple reason I have no way of making power that CHEAP.

So the figures I posted is ONLY  --minimum charge --without disconnecting.

On top of that comes USE charge   ---that could be anything from    200 or 300 dollars
for two months for a NORMAL house.

The bad part for me is that the Commercial meter has a multiplier of 180x   on it
so for the last digit to move is about 13 dollars.  ----BUT   it is amazing how much
welding and blasting can be done for 13 dollars.

Funny thing here in BC  (lotus land)   it was a RIGHT wing capitalist ---that NATIONALIZED
all power production.(for the public).
IMHO  a hell of a good idea. ----We now have the most per capita production of Hydro power
compared to a lot of places. Great BIG dams and what not.   He got a dam named after
him ---look it up  The Bennet Dam.


PS : and thank you Lord for the BC Hydro Commission. ( they lowered the last increase).
BUT the privateers are on the march.   And the runners were so BIG that they could only
be made in the USSR. ---all SS Steel.   --AND BIG. ---and they WORK every day .

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