[Vwdiesel] Rod bolt replacement?

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 22 21:59:35 EDT 2005

I will be torquring my rod bolts tomorrow, along with plasty-gauging them
along with the main bearings. I'm not sure the shop that rebuilt my 1.6 TD
checked mine but just threw in a set of standard bearings and pressed on.
Since my oil pressure is still low after the rebuild, it is time to check
over everything they did to make sure. At least the old rings end gap was
with in the Bentley specs. So far everything is checking out and tomorrow I
will know on the rod and mains.

Do not replace connecting rod bolts; in a previous thread, this was the
general concensus; my choice also. 
What vehicle is this engine in?
Will you replace main bearings also? 
The Bentley says 22 ft lbs +90° for the torque on rod bolts.  Do the bolts 
need to be replaced each time?  Should they be?  I couldn't find anywhere
said they should be, but I couldn't find that regarding head bolts either,
I know those should always be replaced.
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