[Vwdiesel] Extended cab Caddy, My new TDI engine and extra parts available

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Fri Apr 22 22:22:18 EDT 2005

Due to a stroke of fortuitous events and some serendipity (which I will 
describe later) I am going to pass on a project that someone needs to 
save.  It is an extended pickup in Kentucky.  I was going to get it for 
my next project but decided to pass for reasons to be listed below.  
Anyway, they guy want about $1000 for it and will include seats and new 
jetta style dash.  I have sent an email to him letting him know that I 
have passed on the information to others who might be interested.   I 
can only hope one of you will decide that this is the project you just 
can't live without.
Now for the reasons that I have decided to pass on this project.  I 
went to the only junk yard still around here that has older VWs to 
scrounge some parts from an 86 Turbo jetta.  The engine is gone but 
there were still a number of parts that I picked up and will probably 
offer to the lists here shortly.  Anyway, as I was paying, the guy asks 
what kind of VWs I work on.  So I tell him all kinds but that I was 
particularly partial to diesels.  He offhandly remarks that they had 
just gotten a diesel passat in and the engine was a great runner.  they 
had pulled the engine and the transmission but has left everything else 
in the car.  Well, I have just spent the last 3 days doing searches on 
the internet for 96-97 Passat TDI engines and 97-98 Jetta TDI engines 
and had been getting many different responses, most of them negative or 
EXTREMELY expensive.  What luck to arrive on the day AFTER they pulled 
this particular engine.  Anyway, some dickering and then 2 hours of 
pulling the ECU, wiring harness, all of the boost valves and the MAF (I 
will pull the pedal cluster on Monday) and the paying of about $1800 I 
have my TDI engine.  Now to figure out exactly how to massage it into 
the pickup!!!!!!! :^)
Anyone with experience putting a TDI in an A1, I would love to here 
from you.  I need to figure out all of the wiring etc so a little help 
will go along way.  More later as I get the motor home and get 
everything together.
Now because of this, I have a few things lying around that I will no 
longer need.  Especially the head I just had completely rebuilt.  I 
someone wants the head, gaskets and the head gasket (3 notch) and are 
willing to pay what it cost me to have rebuilt ($473) I will pay for 
the shipping.  Eventually the turbo diesel engine in the truck will 
also be available and with only 18000 miles since rebuild, it should 
really be a prize for someone.  Later.  hayden


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