[Vwdiesel] Frankenstein Jetta - Block Code Location? Shift LInkage?

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Sun Apr 24 02:01:28 EDT 2005

I just picked up a crazy 1994 Jetta.  Transplanted into it are an ACN
(a2 8v gasser tranny) and a 1.6TD engine.  

Runs great, shifts poorly.  I've fixed a few a1 shift linkages, but am
running into some road blocks figuring out what I've got here.  I'm
assuming that the shift linkage up to the engine compartment is from the
a3 and in the compartment are a2 connectors, anyone have experience with
swapping trannys and which linkages to use?  Do the a3's use the 020
gear box?  I don't think so.

In addition, I've got a 068103373N head, only one oil return port, so
I'm assuming it's a mechanical head.  The block, however is pretty
rusty, and I've found "003 82" under the radiator hose at the top of the
block, and something that looks like 9302607011?? down low behind the
water pump hoses.  I can't find a letter code through the rust and the
hoses.  I'm trying to figure out if I've got a TD block, or if the turbo
is bolted onto a NA engine.  Can someone help me figure out the block?
Would the one oil return port tell me anything?


Chugiak, AK
1981 vw 1.6 NA pickup
1994 vw 1.6 TD frankenjetta.

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