[Vwdiesel] Multi use gauges

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sun Apr 24 11:51:19 EDT 2005

Libbybapa at wmconnect.com wrote:
> I was talking with a fellow diesel v-dubber about creating a SVO system.  One 
> very cool idea he had was to use one gauge with multi sending units and a 
> switch to switch between them for monitoring temp in various components.  Also 
> fuel in different tanks.  I was thinking of getting a second sending unit to 
> measure oil pressure from flange or head.  I hadn't heard that one before, and 
> thought it was a very cool idea.
> Andrew

Works fine, get a SPDT to DPDT switch and then wire both senders to the switch and 
the common from the switch to the gauge.  I do the same in my 4x4, one 0-100psi gauge 
and 2 senders to monitor fuel pressure for the engine and air pressure for my 
on-board compressor (used for air locking differentials and airing up tires for the 
pavement).  See the upper gauge and switch:


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