[Vwdiesel] One notch to three

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Mon Apr 25 01:32:12 EDT 2005

  For those of you who have gone with a thicker head gasket... 
What results did you get?  Any noticeable differences in starting, 
power, economy???
  I might be getting the Jetta back together tomorrow, finally!  Pulled the 
head yesterday and found a broken cam.  :-(  I'd already found the broken 
timing belt.  Looks like something, SOMEHOW got in behind the timing 
cover and caused the belt to be the first to break.  There's a couple dings 
in the flange of the tensioner that WERE'NT there when I put it together.  
Today I found all four exhaust valves bent and possibly one intake.  Still 
had the old valves from Dad's old head so some new seals and it's ready 
to go back together.  Stil had one good cam that wasn't on a complete 
head.  :-)
  Anyway, this is the first one I've had that didn't call for the thickest 
gasket to start with and from some rough calculations I made on the 
1.5, compression should drop roughly from 23:1 to 21:1 from thinnest 
to thickest gasket.  It's a step before I consider dropping the Rabbit 
all the way to 19:1

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