[Vwdiesel] adjusting max fuel screw?

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On the subject of quietness I have an experience to share. I was working
in a shop at Whiteman AFB, MO that had personnel from several different
career fields. One of the guys was what we called power pro(duction). He
started telling me about the tactical generators that they we getting
(1996). I said show me. We went and sure enough they were really quiet.
Apparently there was a General during Desert Storm that was in a Temper
Tent next to the old style generators at one of the more remote sites in
Saudi Arabia and could not get good rest because of the noise. The task
was to make them quieter and boy they did. The 8kw that they had under
load produced 64db of noise. Apparently they addressed it on all
aspects, intake, exhaust, lower engine speed, gear drives, etc. I don't
remember what the USAF paid for them.

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I have had to add considerable back pressure as a negative side effect
of making my genset quiet out of respect for sleeping neighbors.  As a
result the engine appears to be running too rich. Fuel consumption is
way up and power is down.  Engine makes more waste heat, all bad
consequences. :(  I was wondering if I could lean it out a bit by
adjusting the max fuel screw on the Bosch FI pump.  Am I correct in
assuming this is the one at the back of the pump just above the fuel
solenoid wire connection?  How does one adjust it?  There are three
adjustments, a nut, a sleeve with a wrench purchase and a square head
bolt at the end.  I'm thinking the nut closest to the pump may be just a
mounting nut and does not get lossened in the adjustment.  I am running
at 1800 RPM under throttle control by an external mechanical governor.
Any ideas welcomed.


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