[Vwdiesel] antiseized glow plugs

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Mon Apr 25 09:58:21 EDT 2005

It is my understanding that even non-conductive grease is 
not a problem on electrical connections. In fact some 
switch contacts are greased to prevent contact oxidation 
and provide mechanical lubrication.

I think the danger of over torquing things with greased 
tapered threads still exists when one uses a torque 
wrench. I got my first lesson on this when using Teflon 
tape on plumbing fittings.

   --  Gavrik

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 17:40:56 -0600
  Justin and Chelly Bennett <cjb at midrivers.com> wrote:
>Use the antiseize.  It has nickle or copper mixed in and 
>will ground out just fine.  It will save alot of cursing 
>when you pull the threads out of the head because they 
>hadn't been treated.  One recommendation is to be careful 
>when installing them.  If at all possible use a torque 
>wrench.  A lubed thread will tighten down farther then 
>unlubed and can throw the calibrated torque wrist off and 
>strip the threads also.
>>Do you antiseize the glow plugs?  Reason for asking is 
>>will that not
>>effect the ground connection to the head? 
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