[Vwdiesel] Re: 93 EuroVan diesel - speaking in tongues

rOLf peCHUkas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Mon Apr 25 11:28:06 EDT 2005

> It's the starter.  There's a dry or worn bushing, that after the 
> torque is
> removed from the shaft by the bendix disengaging, and you turn the key 
> from
> the start position so the electric motor isn't motoring, it coasts to a
> stop, and the worn or dry bushing vibrates in place.
> -James

that's 3 votes for the starter
I'm sold, going to try a few downhill starts to make sure
what's the prognosis once you have the dreaded dry/worn bushing?
how long til catastrophic failure?
if I've rebuilt an injection pump, can I rebuild a starter? anyone done 
where do you get parts?
Cambridge, MA

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