[Vwdiesel] One notch to three ----( a notch ahead )

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this is here thanks to Gavrik Peterson. ---Gavrik give us an update on your oil consumption.
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I Hagar is 100 %  in agreement with Gary Bangs. --- WHY ?   --experience , thats why.

My  Bentley   VRD4 ------  list two types of gaskets. ----1977 to 1980  ---- and 1981 and on..

SO ?   for  1.5 L  NA  ?  I order 5 notches regardless of piston above block measurements.
For 1.6L   NA and Turbo ? I order  3 notches. ---regardless.

Study the chart  on page 24   and you will see that VW  uses the thame thickness
max for both engines.

The secret is to know that the 1.5  L     has a shorter stroke .   ERGO    the 1.6L   has not
the same need for a super thin gasket.  1.3 mm .  ----the longer stroke of the 1.6L
gives more compression.  -----   The bore is the same.

Important :    1.6L heads are available ---1.5L  heads are made of unobtanium.

Can a 1.6L  head be used on your 1.5L   to keep it going ?

YES indeed  --- BUT do not expect a stealership to put it on..   It is a DIY job.


PS :    Its all in your HEAD.

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