[Vwdiesel] My 82 Jetta was stolen

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Mon Apr 25 16:46:24 EDT 2005

Hi All

I've been lurking here for a while and wanted to say thanks for all the good
tech tips, its been valuable information, I haven't posted, mostly because
I've haven't had much I thought was valuable to share, However that changed
last Friday when I went out to take my daughter to school and found my 82
Diesel Jetta was no longer in my driveway. One of the neighbors saw the car
getting pushed down my driveway and person hopped in and drove away.
So in any event I guess I wanted share, even if you think no one would want
your car, why worry about it. Don't sell your car short. Some weasle wants
it and he will get it if you don't. Then to add insult to injury your
neighbors and friends will tell you its a noisy piece of junk and you're
better off getting a real car.
That actually happened as I posted a reward on the PDXFORSALE newsgroup and
got only responses telling me the 500 would be better spent on a better car.
Anyway, if you care for your VW keep it locked and don't leave anything of
value in it. And if you happen to live in the Portland are please keep your
eye out for my car. Short of that I guess if anyone has a rabbit or jetta
they want to get rid of please let me know, the car did not have full
coverage so there won't be any money coming back from it, I guess I'll just
start over with another car.



Steve Boser

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