[Vwdiesel] New Engine Smokes

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Apr 25 22:24:45 EDT 2005

Gavrik Peterson -----   you are one lucky son of a gun.   ----Loren is close by and Hagar
is only an Email or a phonecall away.

Let me tell the rest of this group that I have seen and listened to that  ---beautiful 1.6L NA

I regret now that I never got to drive it.   Anyway Gavrik is a perfectionist   and one of the better
analytical minds in the North West.  ----Besides that he is the only one I met that actually set
foot in the worlds biggest Aircraft.   I saw it perform --BUT no way could I get inside.

Injectors must be done first and then TUNING. ---- Phone me any time 24/7   I want to see you
have a lot of service out of that engine.    

You have a spare pump so get your tools ready. ---     In your case I would take a close look at "DYNAMIC"
injection timing mechanism.     Get hold of a probe for using a Strobe Timing light.  ---that works good.
But remember the cold start knob ?    ----measure the pull at idle and with engine off, and compare.

Bunny Bondo   ?   Engine off  =   20 lbs       idling   ?    2.0  lbs. ----the ratio  indicates state of pump.
I use a fish scale --those little handy springscales from the tackle box.

If push comes to show  ?---shov ?    I will mail you an adaptor to measure pump pressure.
On your pump it should be about  3.0 bar at idle.


Meanwhile advance pump a pencil line --   and cut fueling screw back a tad.

Are you using lubricant in your fuel for the pump ? .     Bondo baby is still doing 78 miles on a gallon
imp after 20 years ?  EH    so you can do it ---I am sure of that .   Go for at least 50 miles on a gallon US.

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