[Vwdiesel] My 82 Jetta was stolen

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Mon Apr 25 22:37:05 EDT 2005

    Might not hurt to talk to the folks at Halsey Import Auto Parts in
case they suddenly get a new local customer for '82 Jetta parts.
    Scott Kair
>   Unique color, fairly rare body style anymore and I know we have at
> ONE list member in Portland.  Get the dieselheads looking for that
> and it WILL be noticed and found!  :-)  Duncan, keep an eye out!
>    Almost a good reason to pull the gp relay at night, or put a
> along with a fuse in the line to the fuel stop solenoid.  Nothing
like a
> stolen car that cranks and cranks but won't start.
>      Loren
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