[Vwdiesel] New Engine Smokes

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Apr 26 10:22:53 EDT 2005

Gavrik Peterson  and ALL who cares. :

IMHO   (Hagars)    ---the two pumps you got are a long ,long  way from the repairshop.

I estimate that you can get another  100 000 km   without problems --IF IF IF   --you lubricate
and adjust as required.

Go get a couple of cans of Dieselpurge  --by "LM"----and follow instructions.   Use say 05
can and then let pump rest for a couple of hours.  ---To soften up gunk.

In your case that is money well spent.   --- You sat right here with that enourmous roller
ring in your hand ----and saw the area of contact with outer housing.   It is likely to get sticky
if sitting for any lenght of time.

Before the repairshop  ( I was quoted 2100 $ for 107AG)  there are many things we can do
at little expense.


PS :     Loren he has a 1.6L NA with a 109 pump ---no LDA.   Price for fixing was 03 jan 2003.
And Gavrik Loren kept saying get NEW nozzles ---I finally did and he was right.
All the rest may be wasted if you do not know history of nozzles. My old ones tested ok
BUT not compared to the new ones.

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