[Vwdiesel] hillbilly tuning - --( Gavris Rabbit --the smoker)

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Apr 26 12:36:21 EDT 2005

I have to write this thread under HILLBILLY TUNING.     -------- so that a maximum
of OLD Rabbit    owners get the benifit.

Gavriks case is a perfect test case for Hillbilly Tuning.

Lets take the  case of Val Christian  ---he got a Rabbit  in 1977  ---when they first
came on the US and Canadian market.

At that time they came with a 107A pump..   

WE ---the Hillbilly Tuners wil grow in numbers  ---as the Dial gang start to compare
performance.   "Aren't you glad you used Dial ?"  ---shit brother NO MORE.

I like to think in terms like ---compare Mozart to Galtieri  -----Mozart used ---eh ----eh 
God given Talent ----Galtieri used the Bently and mechanical solutions -----BUT the Gods left
him way way behind.

Hillbilly Tuning is NOT about mechanical matters  --- primarily..
IT is about performance.    And yes we do use things other than the WAND.     Tuning takes
in everything from the screen in your tank to the end of the tail pipe.     
NOT TIMING  it is TUNING.  ------

Does Hagar believe in Hogwarts school of diesel wizardry ???????? bet your ass and you are here ?
aren't you ? ----------we will make you a believer ---believe me.

Yes Hagar still has and use his DOGWOOD   wand-----no he is not naive or stupid ---
he kind of like the rituals. ----it is entertainment ---is cleaning black shitty diesel of a
Rabbit entertaining ?   ---surely not to the cleaner.    So what is it ALL about ?    ---FUN  --FUN
and more FUN   and saving money.  --------WELL there is a certain amount of
bragging rights involved.  FEELING of accomplisment. ---don't you think ?

Imagine Shalyn coming back saying that HE has it all by the ass now. ??????????.


PS :    Shalyn would make my day.

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