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Tue Apr 26 17:37:39 EDT 2005

Hi all

While the car was gone I was giving some thought to first installing the
alarm that's been sitting on the shelf way too long and then a simple kill
switch. I think a hidden 3 position switch. One position when the key is
switched on shorts the fuel cut off to ground, blows the fuse. 2 position
allows normal operation 3 position applies 12 volts to the car horn or siren
just in case the weasle finds the switch, which even if he steals it he will
eventually flip it, maybe the 3rd position should be for a pound of C4 hmmmm
I believe the 3 that took the car didn't speak or read english, so perhaps
they didn't even understand what the custom plate said. The officers I've
spoken with all agreed that at one time or another have run the plate on my
car just because they were curious who would spend the money on a plate that
said "Nerd" so most of Washington county law enforcement knew of the car
anyway. So I believe that was a factor in recovering the car and well even
if it wasn't we always make people smile when we drive bye (or laugh at
us... and my 16 yo never wants to borrow it) .... Of course I believe most
people would have sense enough to remove the plate, I plan on making that
more difficult to remove.
Running from a police dog by climbing a tree seems like something you'd see
on a cartoon not real life, I pretty much think if your still around when a
good tracking dog shows up you probably should save yourself and everyone
else the trouble and just give up. Key would be to leave now and run far.
Maybe my car was just convient. We live a few houses from a city park maybe
they just needed a ride.
Of course telling everyone you know doesn't hurt either. My wife actually
emailed the local fox channel news, they called me and asked if we would
email them pictures of the car which we did, they called back that first
night the car was gone and asked if they could come over and do a news story
about car theft in Portland, I guess they were working on it anyway. But
called back a few hours later saying they couldn't come over because of
breaking news. Well they did the story but apparently someone on the other
side of town had the wheels stolen from his Chevy pickup and left the truck
on blocks. I'm sure it makes for much more interesting viewing than an empty
space where a car was at my house.
I'll be glad to share more information about this as it unfolds, next week I
was told these guys would be seeing a judge, I asked if I could attend the
court proceedings and was told it would be fine.
Thanks again for your support, honk if you see Nerd on the road, we can stop
and I'll buy the coffee/soda/beer whichever you please


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