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I haven't bothered with a stereo in a car for decades now.  I spend a great
deal of effort in state-of-the-art hi-fi at home as I am trying to design
the stuff for sale, but in the car a $10 AM/FM mono car radio is all I need.
I'd sooner listen to the turbocharger whine when I get one.  Cars with
subwoofers are not on my liked list anyhow.


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> and by all means resist any
> temptation to put a "Turbo Diesel" or "WVO" or "Intercooled" or any other
> such
> boastful badge on the rear, or anywhere else for that matter.  :-)
>   Stereos:  One thin I thouroughly believe in keeping out of sight!  I
> in
> the Rabbit I'll make an 8" sub fit inside the spare, front speakers will
> behind the unappealing slots in the door panel, tweeters hidden in the
> side defrost vents or under the dash and so on.  :-)  The Jetta has a
> couple of 8 or 10 inch full range woofers in the back that are simply
> screwed to the trunkside of the rear shelf.  I have high pass filters
> to the original crappy speakers.  Makes them sound fine as "tweeters"
> and it looks like bare-bones plain jane!  :-)  Still had a worn looking
> Sony in-dash CD stolen a few years back.  So did a BUNCH of cars
> up the road.  Police supposedly knew who did it but "couldn't do anything
> because they didn't have any proof."  If they'd been speeding you can
> bet they'd go after them!  :-P
>      Loren
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