[Vwdiesel] Security... Miser's method

rod welch rod.welch at kolumbus.fi
Wed Apr 27 03:20:37 EDT 2005

After I got my ancient, 450 000 mile, Opel Astra 1.6D nicked, (which left me
stranded in the wilds of Cornwall for a couple of weeks)... I gave this
security question some serious thought. 

When I got it back, they had stolen all my tools.... (metric and imperial...
it still hurts and this was 10 years ago), all my camping gear and pissed in
the tank... (or something...)
What made me wonder the most is why didn't they steal something a bit faster
than an ancient diesel?? Surely they don't think of fuel economy!!! 

What I learnt from this was...  DON'T lock the doors! 3 door locks cost more
than an old car... Don't leave anything in the car you care about....  Take
a couple of fuses out, it should keep the car in one place. 
I think most car thefts take about 18 seconds to execute and the most
expensive and sophisticated systems just don't work... If they want your car
they will have it.
I think it's a matter of pride between car thieves about what sort of
anti-theft system they have managed to steal...  You could always leave a
large angry dog in the car over night... and just hope your particular breed
of car thief doesn't eat dog... 

Good luck....


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