[Vwdiesel] Security... Miser's method

Dan Sloan Dsloan at DRAKE.EDU
Wed Apr 27 09:32:43 EDT 2005

Once upon a time, my IHC Scout's security system was a mercury switch from a
thermostat coupled to a relay that controlled an old 6 inch bell from a
school that was torn down.  I measured the ambient noise level inside the
scout at 122dB.  I figured if they really wanted it...their ears were going
to hurt.  I initially tied it to the main battery...but later gave it its
own.  Its no fun push starting a Scout.  Someday I'll restore it...and drop
a diesel in.  

Of course...you had to figure out how to start the thing in the first
place...pull out the choke, flip a toggle to enable the starter, set the

-- Dan

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Wow, to think I could be more miserly than the miser?!  My security method
to not repaint the vehicles (even resist the urge to wash or wax), not 
replace the front grill that was removed after the neighbor backed into it,
repair that little bit of rust at the bottoms of the doors (gives nostalgic 
feelings of remembrance of the salted roads back east), and by all means
resist any 
temptation to put a "Turbo Diesel" or "WVO" or "Intercooled" or any other
boastful badge on the rear, or anywhere else for that matter.  :-)
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