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Shirley, Mark R MarkRShirley at eaton.com
Wed Apr 27 15:08:50 EDT 2005

Well, the end result is the same from my perspective... unless
I happen to like the music that is invading my silence...

Recently I drove to a friends house about 2 hours away to fetch
some things he was cleaning out of his shop while packing to move.
On the way there, I stopped at a Sunoco station to fill up, and this
fella pulled in in a Chevy pickup, with a stereo playing so loud it
actually hurt my ears while I was filling up about 25 yards away.
He got out of his truck, left it playing and went inside the minimart.
I finished up, walked past the fella coming back out while he opened
the door next to me and seriously deafened my right ear, and went inside 
to pay.  About 6 hours later, I stopped at the same Sunoco on the way home,
and unbelievably, the same guy pulled in while I was filling up at the same
pump, playing the same album (I think, it sounded like the same group)
at the same insane volume.  The dude must have been completely deaf.

He wasn't a kid either, he looked like the lead singer of Queen prior to his
death, about 35-ish, and the music was late-80's early 90's-ish hard pop type
stuff.  Talk about brain damage....

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> I'm not talking about hi-fi car systems.  I must point out 
> that for every hi
> fidelity car stereo there are 400,000 with crappy subwoofers 
> but lots of
> them and high power amps owned by low IQ kids and the end 
> result of what
> they drive is aptly called a "Fart Car".  The purpose of the 
> package is to
> cause serious hearing damage to the occupants of the car and 
> annoy everyone
> in the vicinity of the car.  Musical tastes of these morons 
> vary but most of
> them usually listen to cRAP.
> So no, the end result is clearly NOT the same.
> Rob
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> > Low IQ? High powered stereo?  Fooey. You haven't listened to
> > Wagner then.
> > That sucks the meat off the bones of most stereos. Subs are
> > mandatory :-)
> > -James (Beethoven lives upstairs) Hansen
> >
> I have to agree with James here.  Louder volumes can reveal nuances
> to music that you just can't hear above ambient noise at 
> lower volumes.
> Almost any music will benefit from this, from hard rock to classical.
> Most audiophiles (of which I do not qualify) have high powered systems
> for this reason.
> Then of course you have your punk kids who have loud volumes just to
> try and impress their friends.  The reasons differ, but the end result
> is the same.
> James- ever tried Holsts' Planets suite at high volumes?  Mmmm....
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