[Vwdiesel] Security... Miser's method

jon jon at kenneke.com
Wed Apr 27 18:47:06 EDT 2005

I just hope all these folks that listen to loud music:

1) Don't value their hearing in later life
2) Don't drive around with these POS systems
3) And, if at home, don't irritate neighbors
4) Don't mind a visit from the cops

Geez. Respect the other people that are unfortunate enough to live near

It is only courtesy and (un)common sense.

It's just like those dipsh$% kids that have cone tip exhausts on their
hondas, or other foreign POSs.


On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Shirley, Mark R wrote:

> > Low IQ? High powered stereo?  Fooey. You haven't listened to
> > Wagner then.
> > That sucks the meat off the bones of most stereos. Subs are
> > mandatory :-)
> > -James (Beethoven lives upstairs) Hansen
> >
> I have to agree with James here.  Louder volumes can reveal nuances
> to music that you just can't hear above ambient noise at lower volumes.
> Almost any music will benefit from this, from hard rock to classical.
> Most audiophiles (of which I do not qualify) have high powered systems
> for this reason.
> Then of course you have your punk kids who have loud volumes just to
> try and impress their friends.  The reasons differ, but the end result
> is the same.
> James- ever tried Holsts' Planets suite at high volumes?  Mmmm....
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