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It is possible to shut down electronic systems in a target automobile with
an EMP (electromagnetic pulse).  The pulse would likely also disable
electronics in the car containing the EMP generator, unless it was basic
diesel powered, which run without a spark coil or engine management


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> When I was in an amateur radio club in ID I was told a story about a fix
> for sonic powered vehicles.  As the story goes a retired fish and game
> officer was tired of the thumpthump cars so he had one of the local hams
> set him up with an amp on his C.B., 1 kw, I think.  Then when a
> thumpthump would pull up alongside at a stoplight he would keep up the
> C.B. and whistle.  This would supposedly overload the stereo and blow
> out the speakers.  Again maybe not the most ethical thing to do
> especially since there would bound to be collaterial damage to
> unintended target.  Now if that could be focused and aimed at only the
> thumpthump.....
> Justin
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