[Vwdiesel] Re: Injection pump exploded view or ???

Chris Granju carstuff at fiataccompli.com
Fri Apr 29 10:08:32 EDT 2005

(oops, I posted this from my other email account the first time)

btw, I found some Bosch Diesel IP related books on Amazon...anyone familiar with these?    Seems like the kit for $30 & the book for $30 (w/ shipping) beats a rebuild for close to $500......maybe my math is wrong on that?
  Anyone have (or have access to) Bosch Injection Pump exploded views or other repair documentation?   If so, please shoot me an email or point me in the right direction to find some helpful info.  Thanks

  Chris Granju
  '91 VWeTD (among many other 4-wheelers)

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