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David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 12:30:57 EDT 2005

Only problem is nowadays, the theif could probably sue
you and win!


--- Justin and Chelly Bennett <cjb at midrivers.com>
> Depending on where you are at, even this method will
> not work.  A friend 
> had his pickup stolen and it is real rough looking. 
> It was found parked 
> next to the highway leading down to the reservation
> with a busted u 
> joint.  Guess the thieves didn't know that a
> mechanic's outfit is 
> usually the one that has the most wrong with it. 
> Something about we 
> know about how far marginal stuff will go before it
> goes.  Here is a 
> trick for keeping your stereo in place.  Using
> hilocks, cherrymax, or 
> other locking blind fastner you can afix razor
> blades along the bottom 
> back edge of the stereo.  When the thief reaches
> behind the dash to 
> steal it they will slice up their hands and fingers.
>  A buddy's neighbor 
> down this down in San Fran. and the police were able
> to trace the thief 
> by the finger print that was left lying on the
> floorboards.
> Justin
> >Wow, to think I could be more miserly than the
> miser?!  My security method is 
> >to not repaint the vehicles (even resist the urge
> to wash or wax), not 
> >replace the front grill that was removed after the
> neighbor backed into it, not 
> >repair that little bit of rust at the bottoms of
> the doors (gives nostalgic 
> >feelings of remembrance of the salted roads back
> east), and by all means resist any 
> >temptation to put a "Turbo Diesel" or "WVO" or
> "Intercooled" or any other such 
> >boastful badge on the rear, or anywhere else for
> that matter.  :-)
> >Andrew 
> >  
> >
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