[Vwdiesel] Two (2) Diesels for sale: '85 Jetta TD, '81 Caddy Diesel (no engine)

Michael Hitchings mhitchings at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 30 13:17:30 EDT 2005

I really hate to do it, but due to a forthcoming
addition to the family and the prospect of even
[i]less[/i] free time, I am selling my current daily
driver and my project truck.

The first one I'm parting with is my 1985 Jetta GL
Turbo Diesel.

It's a very strong car in very good condition with
only 176K on the odometer, especially considering it's
age. There is no body rust that I have found, but the
paint is a little faded.  I bought it from the
previous and original owner last fall. They loved
driving it but didn't like the clutch in DC traffic,
so they went with a domestic automatic to replace this

I drive it back and forth to Baltimore every day on
the Interstate and consistenly get 40-43 MPG...and I
don't drive in the slow lane.  It has very good
acceleration and passing capability. Don't let the
word Diesel fool you, this thing is not slow!!!

It's been well treated during its life and is looking
for a new and happy home.

It has new belts, and the timing belt can be changed
before you pick it up at your request. It also has new
rear shocks. I just hanven't had a chance to do the
fronts yet, but they're not gone either.  The front
seats have also been replaced with height adjustable
and more comfortable Scirocco front buckets (grey).

The tires are very new with less than 5K on them.
There is no interior or trunk rust on the car. The
tachometer (factory) and odometer work fine. There is
even an oil pressure gauge mounted in the dash to
monitor that ever-important oil pressure. (If you
don't think it's important, ask me how I know).  It
uses less than a quart of oil between changes, but
that is rather normal for these cars. 

I'm looking for About $2500 obo for it. If you think
my price is too high, make me an offer, I love to
haggle!!!!  It's available for test drives and passed
the hellish Maryland State Inspection late last year
with flying colors.

Here's some pictures of the car. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

also listed here:
Make me an offer!!!  

The next one I am selling is my '81 Caddy Diesel that
I had a 1.6 TD in before a catestrophic rod failure
led to the introduction of a port hole into the

The truck is in pretty good shape with some dings and
dents here and there, but overall in decent shape.
Definitely a good foundation for your project. And for
the price, you can't beat it.  It has a killer
spray-in bedliner that will take any abuse you throw
at it!!

I'm looking to get $750 (obo) for it, but for that you
- '81 Caddy shell
-  RUST FREE floor pans from a Cabby ready to be used
to replace any of your MK1 floor pans (or just replace
the aging ones on this truck).
- Some extra MK1 parts, (a couple of axles, seats,

Here's some pics of it during its hay-day.  The only
difference now is it's in the garage and has no engine
in it:

(photos and listing here:

The snowflakes are currently on my MK2 Jetta TD so the
Caddy will be sold with a set of stock steelies with
good rubber.



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