[Vwdiesel] 95 ECO, GP's not working

Derek weasel1 at sympatico.ca
Sat Apr 30 14:48:21 EDT 2005

Well, my wife went to swap cars ( I had the Getta parked where I car pool )
and the damned thing fired right up.  Got the light and a load showing on
the voltmeter.  So I guess the GP's themselves are still working as well as
the relay.  Will be getting a ignition switch soon ( I need one anyways,
mine's really tired )  Keep ya posted !

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>   Get out your DMM, VOM or test light even and check voltage across the
> ground connections to the engine.  That was what my little rhyme thing
> was all about.  :-)  I had the problem of the light staying on rather than
> off.  Check the connection to the temp sensors for the gp's too.
>      Loren
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