[Vwdiesel] Water pump?

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sat Apr 30 21:59:34 EDT 2005

My car is an 85 Golf NA 1.6L.  Does the 
injection pump have to come off to get to the top 2 bolts of the water 
pump housing?  The car does not have A/C and does have PS.

  I never had to on any A1 bodies but I seem to recall that while I had my 
85 TD engine on the stand that I forgot something and had to pull the 
water pump back off after I'd installed the injector pump.  I was annoyed 
to find that I either HAD to pull the injector pump or it was 3X faster to.  
Mine is as yours but add A/C, which may or may not affect those 
bolts.  I don't think it does other than maybe getting in the way of getting 
TO them.  It seems the problem was either the bolts couldn't back out far 
enough before the heads hit the injector pump bracket or else I just couldn't 

get a wrench on them reasonably easily. 

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