[Vwdiesel] Fuel filters, spec's, lifespan.

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As far as those small in-line filters, I suspect that they aren't much good.
If they had a fine filter they would plug up really fast.  In lawnmowers and
other small engine applications they can last for almost ever and carb
problems related to crap in the floatbowl develop despite their presence.  I
plan to install the big Caterpillar 2 micron, Fleetguard filter in my Jetta
instead of, or to complement the factory item.  I am using this 2 micron
filter in my 1.5 NA genset following a 10 micron water trap bowl  Princess
Auto Goldenrod filter.


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> Nowhere could I find any specs on flow rates, micron rating, etc. It's
> they don't want to have us find out.
> I would like to find out if they really provide protection and extend the
> service life of the VW filter.
> Sandy
> Me Hagar promised to answer ALL those questions ?  right
  ---RIGHT.-----  long --long
> time before I got snared by Diesel Rabbits ----I operated many types of
> diesels. ----Feyman sez  Observe  Reason and Experiment----so I
did.-----enter the
> Kralinator  Furnace oil filter  --- F-132.  ---- IMHO   that type of
filter used as a
> PRE-FILTER ----outclasses all the other ones that I tried. WHY
?, ------they are cheap and
> the holders are readily available from any home heating outfit. And it is
> will protect those QEM  ---very expensive delights. -----A filter normally
have NO life
> rating ---and they need none on a diesel.  ---if power is gone ? simply
change filter. Now
> that will not do on GASSERS ----there you get lean mixture --killing the
engine. ----
> Sandy  ---and all ---please check the screen in the tank if you loose
> Is Hagar saying that a fuel filter may be good for a million miles
  ---jep EXACTLY:
> A 99 cent gasser in line THING ?  has no SAE rating ---because they are
NOT classified as
> filters ---they are SCREENS  and on a gasser ? yes you need them to grap
the rust and
> SUGAR from the tank.
> For your BABY if you want to be really nice to her ?----get rid of the VW
filter  and
> install a 2 micron rated Caterpillar spin on. ----Is Bunny Bondo getting
one of those
> ?---bet your sweet ass. --I have to finish machining holder and
install ----and I will
> NEVER get another VW Filter. I have a couple of those sitting here. ----I
am talking about
> the Caterpillar filters.
> Hagar .
> PS :   if you want to protect that VW Diesel ?  -----filter and Filter and
filter again.
> and finally Sandy do not  use those 99 cents things ---use a Furnace
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