[Vwdiesel] Oil Filters ---( Hot dam NOT a FRAM ? )

Tom Krummell tomcat5 at tomsvw.com
Tue Aug 2 02:09:52 EDT 2005

If you haven't reviewed the German oil filter study, it's worth 
reading.  VW OEM filters are manufactured by Champion Labs, as are Lee, 
Mobil 1, STP, Deutsch, and Bosch.  The Mahle filters may be made by the 
German affiliate of Champion Labs, as they are very similar internally.  
The study is quite interesting.

The author also compares the guts of filters specified for a 
large-engine Ford with similar results.

Since 3 of our 4 vehicles are A4 TDIs with the cartridge filter, I'm 
using Mann filters bought in bulk on eBay for around $5 each, or about 
$58 for a dozen.  The lone 2000 2.0 gas job gets Bosch or STP filters.  
STP cartridge filters for the TDIs are made in Korea or Thailand.  One 
time, and only one time, I had to get a Fram cartridge which was also 
made in Thailand.  Purolater cartridges in the past were Mann or 
Hengst.  The Mann filter has a unique design that keeps much of the oil 
from draining back into the engine when the engine is shut off.  If you 
peer down inside the cartridge you'll find a molded plastic cylinder 
that extends from the bottom about halfway to the top of the filter, and 
which prevents drainback of about half the oil contained within the 
filter enclosure.  None of the others, including VW OEM and Hengst, have 
this feature.

Tom Krummell
Roseville, CA


James Hansen wrote:

>Does anyone know what  James Hansen use on his Volkswagens ? I have taken
>filters apart
>Home from holidays!
>The mountains are still there. mmmmmm.
>I have taken a lot of filters apart too, but it's much easier on a fram,
>they open up for inspection all by themselves.
>Here's my list:
>Fleetguard on the big stuff.
>Wix on intermediate trucks, smaller tractors etc.
>Race car gets purolator pure one and frequent changes (sponsor supplied)
>Dealer filters on the volks.
>I buy filters from volks because nothing else has measured up to them in
>casing quality, anti-drainback valve operation, and filter media
>consistency. I've taken apart over eight different makes to determine this.
>I get the dealer stuff at dealer wholesale price in lots of ten.
>by the way, just in case you missed it, Fram are shit filters. use them at
>your own peril. I have blown three casings up on them.  Used to use them
>because they were cheap and easily available, and yes, I used the supposed
>duplicate of the OEM filter, not the Ford filter. Popped at -35, first time
>Fram's fault, second time, my fault for using one again. First one was on a
>diesel, second one on a gasser volks.  Third one was on the 87 gm while I
>was driving my dog in to the vet after some ass poisoned him.  Lost the dog,
>but not the motor amazingly enough.  I was pulling a few rpm at the time, it
>was a high pressure casing failure as well.
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